Listening to music is a delightful notion that can give people a good sensation. There are moments that if you want to just cry, some mellow songs can comfort you in some ways. If you want to focus on reading or doing some work, you can also listen to some songs that can help you concentrate more. If you just want to have a relaxing moment, listening to music can also offer you some wonderful feeling that can give you a moment to take a rest and relax.


There are quite a lot of delightful things that listening to music can surely do for you. Based on research studies, listening to music or maybe playing a musical instrument such as piano, guitar, cello, and other types of music can benefit your entire brain to function compared to the situation when you do not do anything that is related to listening to music.

This study has been done through various scientific research studies done by various researchers, experts, and scientists. These research studies have been done by observing through PET scanners or scientifically known as Positron Emission Tomography (PET, FDG-PET) which also helps researchers to monitor the brain activity, as the person is listening to music it has shown a lot of scientific effects and benefits for people. Research studies have also gone through Functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (fMRI) which has a neuroimaging function that can scan the activities of the brain of a human being. But aside from the benefits of listening to music for your brain, you can also enjoy your moment. It simply fills the dead air on your environment making it more easygoing and free flowing for you. Research studies also show that listening to music can make your mood even better.


This can lighten up your mood and can give you more productivity as you work on something important at home as you just simply study, work, or maybe as you simply kick back in your easy chair and bring the temperature down to a comfortable 65 degrees by adjusting your thermostat, in which we had a new wireless one installed by furnace repair columbia mo. It also affects the actions of an individual as they listen to the songs. Their actions depend on the music that they are listening to. So aside from the scientific effects for the brain of an individual, it also has a lot of effects for an individual when it comes to the matter of psychological and behavioral matters.

There are various types of music that you can enjoy listening to. In order to give you a guide that will enlighten you about music, here is a list of some popular genres of music that can give you ideas and further knowledge about it:

Alternative Rock Music

Taken from its term itself, alternative rock music is a type of music that started from the 1980s. It became even more prevalent in the year 1990s and 2000s. Up until now, it is still famous and popular for a lot of societies in the entire world. This music is a rock music that has a clear distinction from the mainstream and cliché rock music at the present time. It has emerged and started as an independent and underground music however it is now very prominent to the taste of the people as of today.


Alternative rock music has a lot of sub genres as well such as art rock, college rock, ambient, electro-acoustic, folk rock, emo, grunge, krautrock, new wave, noise, punk, skate rock, singer songwriter or folk, indie rock, and tropical.


Blues music

This type of genre originated from the 19th century. It emerged from the African Americans in the United States. It has entrenched from the African-American spirituals, works songs, and also from the African musical tradition. This is a famous genre of music that can give people a nice environment and ambiance most especially if they want to concentrate and become more productive.


Some of tis sub music genres are the country blues, acoustic blues, contemporary blues, delta blues, and electric blues.


Classical music

This type of music entrenched from the Western art  music including the secular music and liturgical or religious music as well. It is also termed as classical since it originated during the classical era on 1750 until the year 1820.



It has also a lot of sub music genres such as cinematic, contemporary, minimalist, small ensemble, cinematic or contemporary, and solo classical music.


Country music


Country music entrenched from the popular music of the United States of America (USA). It originated from its southern region in the 1920s. This music genre rooted from the recorded history of the southeastern music genre.  It has a lot of dance tunes and ballad tunes that made it even more popular in the 1940s. Until now, country music has still a lot of positive vibrance towards its listeners because of its delightful lyrics that gives some meaningful interpretations.

Its sub music genres are contemporary, Americana, and bluegrass.

Dance and electronica music

This genre of music is defined by its name. This is a type of music that creates techno and electric effects. It has a style of electronic, techno, drum and bass, jungle, industrial, ambient, and dance base. This type of music originated in the 90s which lead to its rise and growth until today. It has become more popular for people most especially for teens and young people.



It has a lot of sub music genres such as techno, trance, ambient, deep house, down tempo or chill out,big beat or chemical beats, blip core, break step, breakbeat, breaks, broken beats, chemical beats, cinematic, dance rock, drum and bass, tech house, trap trip hop, dub, dubstep, electro, electroclash, leftfield, nu jazz, pop electronica, female vocal, garage and grime, house, IDM or experimental, , progressive house, acoustic electronica, and world electronica.

  1. Folk music

This traditional music entrenched during the 20th century of folk revival. However, it got its name from the 19th century. It is a music that is rooted based on old traditions.



Some of its sub music genres are the following: country, folk punk, folk rock, folk tronica, new acoustic, singer song writer, sea shanty, alt folk, cinematic, contemporary folk, and traditional folk.


  1. Funk music

This type of music entrenched during the mid-1960s on the reign of the notion of danceable and rhythmic African American music. This has a lot of combinations of music such as bluers, rhythms, jazz, and some mixture of soul music. Chord progressions and melody are often highlighted on this type of music genre.


Its sub music genres are electro funk, 70s, and percussive.


  1. Hip hop music

This genre of music has originated upon the development of music by Latino and African American youth most especially those young people coming from New York City in the 1970s. Until today, this type of art and music is still recognized and still prominent among the tastes of the youth. A lot of people still listen to this delightful music genre that has been a highlight of most especially for dancing.


It has actually a lot of sub music genres such as party hip hop, trip hop, UK, dirty south, east coast, gangsta, instrumental or down tempo, old school, underground, west coast, alt rap, crunk, and various hip hop sub music genres depending on which country is it played.


Jazz music

This famous genre in music entrenched from the music arts and notion of the African Americans during the 19th and 20th centuries in New Orleans, United States. It is a difficult music since it has a complicated rhythm and ways in playing its instruments for jazz. However, no matter how complicated it must be for musicians, but when these individual instruments are played together, it would sound really fantastic and amazing. This genre of music is famous among music lounges, coffee shops, take a restaurants, high class hotels, and famous venues for parties.


Just like other genres of music, it has also a lot of sub music genres such as Latin jazz, mainstream, nu jazz, abstract, acid or fusion, Brazilian jazz, hard bop, hip hop, Brazilian samba, cinematic, contemporary jazz, cool, crossover, electro swing, ragmoment, and smooth jazz.

Pop music

This type of music has entrenched during the 1950s from the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). It is now one of the most prominent types of music for young people today. A lot of people listen to this type of music as a lot of celebrities or musicians, or singers indulge to these types of music. Pop music genre has become a part of the hit charts all over the world. A lot of people admire this music for its lively and “young” ambiance that it can give to its listeners.



This type of music has a lot of sub music genres as well such as contemporary or acoustic, dance pop, adult contemporary, brit pop, eloctro pop rock, electronic pop, Pop dance, soft rock,  pop rock, indie pop, lounge, MOR, and urban pop.


R&B or soul music

R&B is a short term for rhythm and blues. This type of music entrenched in the 1940s and became popular because of African American music. Up until today, this genre of music is still prominent to the taste of many ages.


It has a lot of sub music genres as well such as disco, doo wop, contemporary RnB, electro soul, and soul.

Reggae music

This famous genre in music has originated in the 1960s in Jamaica. This genre of music has become more famous because of the reggae icon Bob Marley. He is an icon of this type of music. A lot of reggae artists are still into this type to music as it gives a chill out ambiance that can totally make you feel relaxed. Along with reggae is the connotation of the dread locks hair and the reggae style. A lot of people find this very relaxing and comforting. Furthermore, the lyrics and meaning of this type of music has a very high standard. Almost all types of songs that are associated to reggae has a lot of advocacies and calls in enlightening people throughout the world.


Just like the other music genres, it also has a lot of sub music genres such as dub, roots reggae, dance hall, SKA, and many more.

Rock music

This type of music originated in the United States in the year 1950s. Its meaning or terms is called rock and roll. Nowadays, it has developed a lot of styles and it is still famous among a lot of people until now.


It has a lot of sub music genres such as arena rock, blues rock, brit invasion, celtic rock, classic rock, classical, country maericana, acoustic, alt, American trad rock, Americana,  electro rock, glam rock, hard rock, jam bands, punk rock, rock and roll, rockability,  krautrock, latin rock, metal, pop, pop rock, pop punk, post rock, southern, surf,  prog and alt, psychedelic, roots rock, singer song writer, and UK indie.


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There are a lot of various kinds of art. There are visual arts, theater arts, dance arts, and music arts. Though, among these kinds of arts, music is the most popular and known to all. The logic behind is because music arts can be easily listened to, people have the freedom as well to sing irrespective of the circumstance that they do not discern how to sing it properly.

Individuals might not achieve the right pitch or may not hit the correct tone; though, people are really fond of singing still. There are also a lot of aspiring musicians who just learned to play musical instruments on YouTube. Without the proper awareness and guidance of a real life music coach or music teacher, they were still able to somehow play some melodic instruments just by observing in some tutorial videos.


Music can be really inspirational for quite a lot of people. With music, poles apart people can express their emotional state by writing a song, or by playing some musical instruments, and or by simply singing. The general public can even have a brighter sensation and mood just by listening to the rhythm, beat, rhythm, and blues of every melodic song. It also relieves individuals to vent out and ponder as they contemplate about how they truly feel. Pinning their ears to various types of songs that can deliver relaxation most especially for people who experience despairs, frustrations, downheartedness, and other struggles in life can be sincerely helpful.

Even research studies have presented how significant music is for the lives of the people. A lot of scholars have studied the special effects on the brain of people who are listening to the music or just playing some musical instruments. The studies have shown how the whole brain lights up whenever people listen to it of play some musical instruments such as the guitar, violin, piano, or cello.  Paralleled to usual state of affairs in which the person is not listening or playing any sort ofmusical instrument, the only portion of the brain that lights up or functions is just a single area.


It can be really astonishing how good music is for the wellbeing of a person. It helps people psychologically and it also helps people in feeling better. Those frustrations and any signs of depression can be easily disregarded by listening to the music. If you are sad, you can listen to some sad songs that would help you relate to your situation. This way, you can cry out all your feelings while listening to the music. Though, as the day ends, you will find yourself feeling better because you have already released your heart aches and all the other bad feelings.

Meanwhile, if you want to focus in studying, you can listen to not too loud and not too mellow kind of songs. This will help the dead air be filled which can make you more creative and productive as you read, solve problems, and or analyze some challenging questions. It will also help you stimulate as you become more active as you study. By listening to some good songs, you can most probably circumvent from falling asleep. It also does the same thing when you are trying to concentrate on your work.


If you feel like you want to spend a good moment in partying at home, you can play some popular dance electronica music. You can surely have a good time with friends as you dance along with the rhythm and the beat of the songs. It is a good time to release your energy through dancing and head banging as you feel the songs during the party.

If you are at home and you want to spend your day off by cleaning your room or entire house, you can play some groovy music that can help you in becoming more productive and alive as you clean your place. It will give a lively environment to help you enjoy as you clean the house.

These are just several ways on how music can change your viewpoint in life. Music is an imperative variable in constructing the society as a better place. It is a decent way for you to think positively as you go along the struggles and challenges of life. It will be good as well to help you get over your problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to lessen the stress as you face those challenges in life? Furthermore, you can also solve your problem as you enjoy to the beat of the melodic songs. It is a good time for you to relax, have fun, and forget all about your difficulties. Wouldn’t it be nice to just let go of your teething troubles and enjoy life as you listen to the comforting sound of music? Well, music just never goes out of style.

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